Retirement Session Hosted

Department of Personnel Management, in conjunction with the Department of Treasury, conducted a two-day information session for all line government agencies.

The workshop, which attracted over three hundred participants, was opened yesterday (22nd June) by the Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, Taies Sansan.

DPM, working in collaboration with the Treasury team under the Organisational Staffing & Personnel Emoluments Audit Committee (OSPEAC), organised the whole of government information session for all national agencies.

In welcoming the participants, Sansan said they have taken a different approach to hosting the retirement information sessions for this year. Previously, the information sessions were hosted for retirees.

“This we believe will go a long way to help respective agencies to put together their own exit strategies for their respective officers,” she stated.

“The retirement exercise is a key government directive which dates back to 2016 when NEC made a decision to carry out the retirement exercise but due to lack of commitment by government to meet its obligation to provide funding, the retirement exercise was not honoured until 2019.”

The Department of Personnel Management was directed to coordinate the public sector retirement program following an NEC decision in 2017. In 2019, NEC then directed the development of a whole of government retirement policy.

Under the Public Service Management Act and the General Orders, heads of agencies are required to manage annual staff retirement plans. This includes identifying those who have either reached the compulsory retirement age of 65 years or those who opt to be retired on medical grounds.

Respective agencies are supposed to have the cost of retiring these officers included in their respective personnel emolument budgets.

Agencies must plan ahead for their staff who will be reaching the retirement age to ensure it is captured in their respective budgets prior to the retirement year.

Last year, there were 2,150 identified retirees to be retired at a cost of K430 million. However, due to funding allocation of only K28 million, only 467 officers were retired and paid out.

Those who have missed out in 2020 will be added to the 2021 retirement list and DPM has communicated with Department of Treasury to assist with this exercise.

“With the new approach to implement the retirement strategy, the onus is now on respective line agencies to take on the responsibility of having in place their own respective exit strategies to cater for those within your respective agencies who have reached the compulsory retirement age,” Sansan stated.

“The need to have respective agencies deal with their own retirement staffing matters is made easier if this responsibility is being undertaken internally.

“I hope you will all learn as much as you can during this information session to grasp the process and procedures to administer and implement retirement exercise, the retirement payment methods and the exit plans for public servants.

“This will enable you to go back and conduct your own assessments on retirement for your respective organisations.

“Following the circular instruction issued by my department last week, I hope you have all come prepared with copies of your respective exit plans/strategy, including names of officers who have reached the compulsory retirement age of 65 years and over.”

(Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, Taies Sansan, addressing participants on Tuesday, June 22nd)

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