Retired Brig Gen Ted Diro vying for GG’s post

At the age of 73, retired Papua New Guinea Defence Force Commander Brigadier General Ted Diro is putting his hand up for the Governor General’s seat.

The GG seat will be vacated next month after current GG Sir Michael Ogio’s term expired after serving the term for six years.

Diro in a press conference today in Port Moresby, make his intentions known to the public.

“My wife and I feel that we have served the nation sufficiently to warrant raising my hand for the post of Governor-General.

“I am now 73 years old but entrusted with public duty, I shall overcome all issues of minor physical nature brought about by aging process.

“In all public appearances, the nation will know that I am fit and proper person to represent our origin of democracy,” Diro stated in a letter to the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“As your attitude and support is most crucial in the outcome of this endeavour, I am compelled to inform you beforehand and gaze your Party’s support in questing for such an important assignment.”

He said he will remain apolitical in questing and on attainment of the Office of the Governor General.

Diro added that he could not contest in the national elections again but would put his hand up for the vice-regal post.

According to the PIB NGIB HQ PIR Association official site, Sir Ted Diro was the first Papua New Guinean to command a PIR Battalion.

He attended the selective Sogeri High School near Port Moresby where he was a member of the school cadet unit and was greatly impressed by the periodic visits of the PIR Pipes and Drums.

From Sogeri, Ted won a scholarship to the Slade School in Queensland where he completed his schooling and was selected for the Officer Cadet School at Portsea Victoria, graduating in 1963.

Following attachments to several Australian Army units and attendance at a number of courses during 1964, Ted was posted to 2 PIR in Wewak as a platoon commander.

He performed well, was promoted Captain in 1968 and posted as the first Papua New Guinean Adjutant of the Battalion. He was promoted to Major in 1971 and commanded companies in both 1 and 2 PIR.

He was selected to attend the Australian Army Staff College in 1973

He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1974 and assumed command of 1 PIR.

Later that year he was promoted to the rank of Colonel and appointed as Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

In 1975 he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General and appointed as Commander of the Papua New Guinea Defence Force.

He resigned from the Defence Force in 1981 to follow a political career and eventually became Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea for a time.

The governor-general post is the vice-regal representative of Queen Elizabeth who is PNG’s head of state.
He or she performs the duties of the Queen in her absence.

The current GG Sir Michael Ogio took over from Sir Paulias Matane in 2010.

Freddy Mou