Restrained from assaulting partner

A man from Buala village, in Morobe’s Ahi Rural LLG, has been permanently restrained from harassing, intimidating or assaulting his partner.

The Lae Committal Court was told that on the morning of Sunday, December 25th, 2022, the 32-year-old man repeatedly punched his partner of six years on the face, causing her eyes, nose and lips to bleed and swell.

The court was told the issue stemmed from an argument where the woman continuously questioned him over suspicions of infidelity.In anger, he assaulted her.

Police reported that the victim ran away to her parents’ house, then her brother’s, but he followed and continued assaulting her.

“He dragged her on the ground and tried to remove her clothes but the victim managed to keep them on,” said police.

Bystanders tried to intervene but he hit them as well, including punching the victim’s mother on her left ear. However, during the committal hearing yesterday, the victim appealed to Magistrate Pious Tapil to have mercy on her partner, saying she had provoked him.

Magistrate Tapil, after listening to both parties’ plea for mercy, and after taking into consideration the medical certificate presented to him, said the defendant is guilty as charged under section 6 of the Family Protection Act 2013.

“The defendant is permanently restrained from harassing, intimidating or assaulting the complainant in any manner whatsoever,” said the magistrate.

And because the complainant admitted to contributing to the situation, she was also ordered to refrain from provoking the defendant in any manner whatsoever.

“Since you have taken the court’s time and resources, your bail money of K300 will be forfeited to the State.

“The permanent order will remain in place for two years in which thereof, police will be empowered to make arrests.”

Magistrate Tapil cautioned the couple that the court will not be lenient if they were to come back.

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