Residents warn of rising lawlessness in NCD

City residents have been warned of the rise in general lawlessness in the nation's capital.

Most of them have been taking it straight to social media platforms to tell the public about their ordeals and the threats and attempted holdups whilst moving about the city.

Below is a resident’s post about what took place yesterday whilst she was making her way home.

“Still shocked from the attempted hold up 3 hours ago. God, I could have killed some men on the new Baruni dump road after they attempted to stop the vehicle.

“About six men jumped onto the road, ran towards the car, throwing stones at us.

“I accelerated with my head down and drove right towards them.

They flew in all directions, all I could hear was stones pelting the sides of the car. I initially thought the windows may have crashed.

“I don't know where all that strength came from but all I could say is God spared our lives.

“I am sick of all these hold up s***. I almost sandwiched someone at the Six-Mile roundabout last year with a gun pointing at me and many countless hold ups, seriously.

“If I were to have a choice between living here and elsewhere, this would be one reason I would leave.

“To all friends living at Edai town and POM in general, avoid Baruni road between now and January, especially in the night. It's this time of the year, people are desperate. Take care and Merry Christmas!”

This particular Facebook post got almost more than 400 hits, 150-plus comments and more than 20 shares.

NCDC Governor Powes Parkop, in response to the post, said it is unfortunate that some people don’t respect Christmas as a time for celebration.

He adds that he will ask police to try to increase patrol in the city, especially at night.

Parkop adds that he has asked PNG Power to energise and allow for the lights to come on at night but there hasn’t been a reply yet.

Meanwhile, NCDC Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, says Police are doing everything they can to make sure city residents are safe.

"We urge all residents to also take precautions and be extra careful while moving around in the city.

"We will not tolerate any misbehaviour from anyone and people must take this as warning," Turi says.

Business houses have also been advised to consider measures of security during this time as well.

Annette Kora