Reservists graduate in time for election duties

Three-hundred-and-nine reserve police recruits graduated on Friday, 24 June at the Bomana Police College, in time for election duties.

The second intake for 2022 included 123 women.

Police Commissioner David Manning said the reserve recruits had undergone police work ethics, community policing, basic investigation, and police arrest procedures including electoral offences.

He added that RPNGC is taking all necessary steps to train competent and model citizens in their respective communities.

“You have all the powers and functions of a regular member of the constabulary, however this comes with responsibilities,” said Manning. “The constitution provides for basic fundamental and qualified rights of citizens and as officers of the law, you are obligated to honor the PNG Constitution and protect and uphold the rights of the people whilst exercising their duties.”

He added that the reserve police officers will also be deployed for the 2022 National General Elections.

“Every time you wear the uniform, (it is) to protect and serve the police of this country. As police officers we must always be mindful of those rights guaranteed under the constitution and ensure that we at all times accord respect to the rights of our citizens,” he added.

The police officers were also called upon to abide by the police conduct and code of ethics.

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