Remandees on the run in Manus

Six men awaiting trial in the National Court have escaped custody from the Correctional Facility in Lorengau on New Year’s Eve.

The remandees aged between 19 and 44 years old were detained for various serious offenses including robbery, murder and rape charges.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector, David Yapu said they saw their opportunity to run after they were released to take part in a volley ball competition.

Yapu is now appealing to the public and the community to report any sighting of the escapees to police as some of them are dangerous and can pose a threat to the community

He said those people harboring the escapees, will be arrested by Police and seek assistance and co-operation from the community to recaptured the escapees.

Those who escaped are Kem Lomai (21) of Likum village who was charged for Murder ,escape and wilful damage, Manu Popres (19) of Tingou village, facing charges of Robbery , Wounding , Break and Enter and escape, Walter Ted (24) of Likum village who was arrested and charged with wilful murder.

Pokuwil Potiloh (28) of Buliso village on attempted murder charge, Oli Egi (27) of Bulihan village who is on rape charge and Robber Matthew (44) of Lihai village facing sexual touching charge also escaped yesterday.

Sally Pokiton