Relief supplies slow to trickle in

Slowly the relief is going into the affected areas in Kutubu.

From Inu, Isaac Haboro has confirmed receiving Wopa biscuits, cold water and a few tents for shelter, yesterday.

But the immediate need at this time, they say is for the road to be cleared.

Haboro is calling on the government to engage construction companies to commence maintenance on the road as soon as possible.

A working road will enable other services, such as the bank, which is another immediate need they say.

The locals are requesting for the bank service to be up again, to be able to receive money sent in by relatives.

Isaac added also that schools must resume now. He said the Kutubu Secondary School needs to re-function with whatever facilities left.

With that, other services such as the health centre can resume at its time while the rest of the villagers should be relocated, in the meantime.

He is also calling on investigation and a clear information on the continuous tremors in the area.

While he acknowledges the efforts to collect relief supplies, he asks for immediate work on the road.

"There's a lot of coordinators and helicopter rides into the area that money is being wasted on this, when it can be directed to clearing up the road," he said.

At Inu, there are six small tents set up, housing the locals.


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Gloria Bauai