Relentless reports of armed holdups: N’Dranou

The crime rate in the nation’s capital has seen a relentless number of reports on armed holdups and stolen motor vehicles.

This means that crimes committed seem to be continuing with no sign of slowing down.

According to police, statistics of last week’s crime report had 14 cases reported of armed holdup and stolen motor vehicle; three cases of sexual offence (2 rape and 1 attempted rape), and three homicide cases of suspicious deaths.

Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou admits that there has been an increase in the crime stats from last week, adding that this can be managed and brought down to a manageable rate soon.

N’Dranou adds that people should not be made to look vulnerable and put themselves in a position to become a target for opportunists.

He also made it clear for parents and guardians to keep watch over their children who are minors as they can be susceptible to abuse, which in most cases the perpetrators are males and are related to the victims.

“The weekly crime report on the statistics is that it is unabated and the rate of crime is fluctuating. One week there is an increase, the next, there is a decrease,” N’Dranou adds.

Annette Kora