Relatives of murder victim demand compensation

​Police had to intervene and remove the relatives of a deceased women, after a commotion broke out yesterday at the Boroko police station.

The peace mediation went rowdy after relatives of the deceased women, said to have been murdered by a police officer, became disgruntled over compensation payments from the offender’s side of the family.

Initially an agreement was reached where the funeral costs would be met by the deceased’s family whilst the offender’s family was tasked to pay K300, 000 as compensation by December.

According to the deceased’s family, to this date, the offender’s family have not held up their end of the deal.

The brother of the deceased, Steven Ponjel explained that the relatives were present at the station to pick up their end of the customary deal, as agreed to in August after the incident had taken place.

They added that although they tried to have the mediation, they were told that the Metropolitan Superintendent had called for the mediation to be dismissed and instructed his officers to move them out of the stations premises.

However, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou in response to the matter, denied dismissing the case, adding that the relatives were acting rowdy and had to be moved out to sort themselves before proceeding with the mediation.

Meanwhile, N’Dranou adds that the officer in relation to this case has been arrested and charged and is currently locked up.

Annette Kora