Reinstate district administrator: Namatanai MP

The suspension of Linus Yipma has been deemed null and void by the Department of Personnel Management, with orders issued to the New Ireland Provincial Administrator to reinstate Yipma as the Namatanai District Administrator and CEO of Namatanai DDA.

In a statement, the Namatanai MP is calling on the Provincial Administrator to immediately reinstate Yipma.

Walter Schnaubelt said the allegations and disciplinary actions by Provincial Administrator, Lawmiller Pawut, had their validity questioned due to the fact the Yipma has been acting without a legitimate contract of employment.

Yipma was alleged to have breached section 41 of the Public Service Management Act for misconduct and willfully defying orders, and was charged administratively for breaching his contract as a senior contract officer.

In contrast, the DPM assessed that the charges are null and void due to the fact that Yipma has been acting for almost eight years without signing a legitimate contract of agreement, concluding that he cannot be charged for a contract that he never signed.

Schnaubelt said the orders were issued 2 weeks ago and they are still awaiting actions to carry out the reinstatement process.

He is calling on Pawut to consider his people who are being denied of service delivery due to the stalling of progress without a section 32 officer.

"Without a section 32 officer we cannot release payments from our District Treasury, this has greatly affected our service providers, our students awaiting their project and tuition fees, our health services and the general operation of the district," stated Schnaubelt.

“Namatanai hopes for an immediate action to be taken diligently to finally put this matter to rest.”

Yipma had his appointment revoked on July 5th.

(Linus Yipma)

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