Refugee seeks leave to appeal

Refugee Behrouz Boochani’s appeal against the Supreme Court’s ruling on Tuesday has been filed in the Supreme Court.

His lawyer, Ben Lomai, filed the appeal yesterday afternoon. The matter has been listed for next week Monday.

They will be seeking leave of the Supreme Court to appeal against the court’s refusal in granting the interim orders, namely the refusal to restrain the transfer of those at the decommissioned centre as well as restoring essential services.

Subject to the court’s grant of leave to appeal, the refugees are asking for the grant of the interim orders sought, which was refused on Tuesday.

The appeal was filed on the grounds that Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia erred in finding that the Manus Regional Processing Centre was closed in compulsion to the Supreme Court’s ruling on 26 April 2016.

The status of the new facilities in East Lorengau and Hillside and safety of the refugees and asylum seekers are other grounds, among others.

Meanwhile, PNG Immigration yesterday put up notices at the decommissioned centre that all refugees and asylum seekers have two days to vacate to the new facilities, which have all essential services provided.

On Tuesday, 24 refugees moved from Lombrum to East Lorengau. More have moved since then.

57 have so far moved into the alternate accommodation that have essential services. 43 refugees are at East Lorengau while the new camp site in Ward 1 for non-refugees has 14.

Sally Pokiton