Referendum ready program launched

The Autonomous Bougainville Government has taken a bold step in its independence aspirations with the launching of the Constituency Independence Ready Mission Implementation.

The event was held at Tanei Village in the Tonsu Constituency on Sunday.

On the 18th of November 2020, the Bougainville House of Representatives passed a motion on the Bougainville Independence Mission.

This motion called upon all Bougainvilleans to make it their duty to ensure that Bougainville is prepared to attain its full sovereign powers as an independent sovereign state.

The Bougainville Independence Mission calls upon each Constituency member to provide leadership to ensure that their constituency is independent through the progress of socio-economic development.

ABG President Ishmael Toroama said: “Indipendens em i mas kamap. Sapos yumi wait long indipendens, yu wok long giamanim yu. Sapos yu ting God bai bringim i kam, yu wok long giamanim yu yet.

“Sapos yu ting olsem gavman em bai rilisim indipendens long yu, yu wok long giamanim yu yet. Yu wok long weit long yu yet.

“Taim yu stap nating, yu no (luksave) long disla visen blong indipendens olsem yu wanpla pila. You are so important that pillar yu sanap long em, one-on-one, one family, wanpla kominiti. Sapos yu no wok long mekim disla wok long redim ol pipol blong yu, insait long ol konstituensis blong yumi truaut long Bogenvil, yu wok long wetim wanem? Yu wok long westim taim.”

President Toroama also encouraged constituency leaders to be agents of change and promote progress in social welfare, good governance, economic and infrastructural development.

He said maintaining peace and stability along with progress in socio-economic development is key to constituencies being ‘Independence Ready’.

He said: “Mipla nogat fall-back plan mi laik tokim yu. Gavman blong mi i nogat fall-back plan. Bai mipla i kontinyuim disla consultation na mekim sure national government, taim God i givim em bel isi, em bai ratify ninety-eight per cent.”

Under this initiative, ABG government institutions will also be required to produce results that render them ‘Independence Ready’.

These key institutions are the revenue raising institutions, law making and enforcement institutions, banks and educational institutions.

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