Rape Suspect Caught

Madang Taskforce police officers have apprehended a rape suspect, who had escaped from police custody at Danip outside of Madang town in March.

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang, said on Wednesday afternoon, duty police officers received a call from the relatives of the rape victim that the suspect was sighted at Gomgom village outside Madang airport.

He said the police responded quickly with the help of the family and apprehended the suspect.

“I thank the police officers for their quick response, such people who have no respect for police and escape when arrested will still escape when they see police. I am happy that the police responded quickly.

“I also want to call on the relatives of the victim to assist police with the necessary information so they can prepare the suspect`s court papers so he can be charged for the alleged offence. We release suspect when the victim does not cooperate with the police,” PPC Rubiang said.

Meantime, with the election period in progress, PPC Rubian is urging parents to take good care of their of their children, especially during the election time.

He said those walking must be careful when walking along the roadsides, because there have been reports of people involved in hit and run accidents recently.

PPC Rubiang said since the beginning of the year, more than five hit and run accidents were reported and that was not good.

He added that during campaigning, people must be very cautious.

“Supporters must always know that if anything happens to anyone the candidate will be blamed, even though they had not caused the accident.”

Sylvester Wemuru