Radio personality Douglas Dimagi pays tribute to late Hau’ofa

Radio personality and current co-host of the famous FM100 Talkback Show, Douglas Dimagi has paid tribute to radio legend the late Roger Hau’ofa.

Dimagi started his career in 1995 and grew up listening to late Hau’ofa.

Dimagi remembered late Hau’ofa as someone who has always talked about serving and helping others.

Dimagi said that the biggest impact that Hau’ofa had on him as a young radio broadcaster was a time he actually hosted the Talkback Show during PNG’s Sandline crisis issue in 1997.

“The Sandline crisis issue shook the whole country but through radio, Roger was able to calm and put ease the whole country.

“The five mile Kalang studio was swamped with soldiers, amidst all these tension, Roger was able to conduct this talk with the then Commander of the PNGDF retired Brigadier General Jerry Singirok.

“He spoke about having calm and restrain and that actually brought about the tremendous level of peace to the people on Bougainville and around the country as well,” Dimagi remembered.

Dimagi highlighted that late Hau’ofa was so vocal on issues that affected people and his voice commanded respect.

“We would be so terrified to be in front of him and that’s the sort of respect we had for people like Roger.

“That is, the sort of personality that he drew out of his career and the professionalism he conducted himself in.”

Dimagi added that late Hau’ofa has been truly an icon in radio.

Hau’ofa passed away peacefully on Saturday, March 4 after suffering from kidney disease.

The body of late Hau’ofa was laid to rest today (Saturday, March 11) at Iare Village in Central Province, where his wife is from.

Quintina Naime