Quick-thinking NCD youth prevent disaster

Quick action by youth from the Ranuguri settlement in Konedobu, Port Moresby, has prevented what could have been a nasty disaster for the city.

The road is the main link to the LNG Napanapa site, through the Ranuguri settlement.

An existing culvert located between the PNG Power distribution site and the tunnel was an accident waiting to happen.

Following the last few days of continuous rain in Port Moresby, debris had collected at the mouth of the culvert, laid some six meters below the ground surface.

Local youth at the scene said this culvert was blocked off, forcing the flood to pave its own path under the sealed road.

As explained, another tunnel was forcefully created between the existing culvert and the sealed road by the flood.

Community elder Matthew Weso said only an inch of soil layer was holding the sealed road up; it was only a matter of time. 

Fortunately, the youth noticed the threat when trying to clear a fallen tree off the road.

“If this was not noticed at the time it was, people may have lost their lives by now,” said Weso.

NCDC was alerted as soon as possible, who then engaged construction company China Harbour to carry out maintenance.

The construction company has dug out the sealed road to place a temporary culvert.

Three pipes will be laid across, above the existing culvert, the soil back-filled, and the surface resealed.

The construction company says the maintenance should be completed by today or Thursday, the latest.

This situation has also raised another concern – the money it will cost NCD for the 16 local youth, Corp security and China Harbour, engaged to see through the temporary solution.

Meantime, that portion of road has been blocked off to the travelling public.

This is just before the PNG Power distribution site, onto Poreporena highway, near the Koura way. 

Gloria Bauai