PX suspends Hoskins flights

Flights to Hoskins, West New Britain, have been cancelled following the eruption of Mt Ulawun.

As a precaution, Air Niugini has suspended this afternoon’s and tomorrow morning’s flights.

In a statement, the airline said: “A risk assessment will be carried out tomorrow, Thursday morning, to determine if flights shall resume or not.

“All passengers traveling to and from Hoskins are advised to call flight information number 327 3300 after 09:00 tomorrow morning to check on the status of the Hoskins flights.

“Passengers in transit to Hoskins are advised not to travel at this time, however those who still wish to travel must understand that they could be stranded in Port Moresby and this will be at their own expense.”

Meantime, the Volcanological Observatory has reported that Ulawun began a slow low level eruption in the early hours of this morning (June 26th).

“Sub-forceful emissions of pale to dark grey ash clouds were observed at sunlight,” reported the Geohazards Management Division.

“The eruptive activity is still continuing and ash cloud emissions are becoming more forceful and colour getting darker, indicative of having more ash content.

“Initially audible noises consisted of low rumbling noises but in the latter part of morning, booming noises began to be reported.

“Light ashfall has been reported on the northwest and southwest areas of the volcano.”

The division says a low level eruption is currently in place since the first Real-Time Seismic Amplitude Measurements notifications were disseminated about 24 hours ago.

“The eruption is expected to continue.

“People in downwind areas are advised to take precautions from the ashfall.

“RVO will continue to monitor the activity and provide updates.”

(Picture: Craig Powell)

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