PX confirms Chuuk lawsuit

Air Niugini has confirmed receiving correspondence from lawyers acting on behalf of two passengers on board PX Flight 73, that crash landed in the waters of Chuuk in the Federated States of Micronesia, last September.

According to the brief statement from the airline, the Accident Investigation Commission investigation is on-going, therefore the specific claims made in the writ and published in the media, are yet to be proven.

Air Niugini’s management stated that since the incident, it has been in contact with all passengers to ensure they were getting the support they need, and majority of the passengers have welcomed the assistance.

On Wednesday January 9, FSM’s local newspaper the Kaselehlie Press, published an article that revealed that a law firm Berman O’Connor & Mann, filed a civil action against Air Niugini at the FSM Supreme Court in Chuuk, on behalf of a client who was a passenger on that ill-fated flight.

Kaselehlie Press reported that the civil action arises from injuries that its client sustained as a result of the crash on September 28, 2018.

According to the paper’s report, the civil action also claims that Air Niugini was negligent in failing to provide safe travel during its approach and descent to Chuuk Airport.

Salome Vincent