PwC promotes gender appreciation in high schools

The Papua New Guinea Tribal Foundation is excited to now partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) who are generously supporting the Senisim Pasin campaign in selected high schools in Port Moresby.

Senisim Pasin is a campaign built around a film of the same name and tailored around the advocacy against Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Sorcery Related Accusation Violence (SARV). The program includes the film screening then open dialogue of the issues surrounding GBV and SARV such as Communication and Gender Appreciation and most importantly discussing solutions in the fight against violence.

The partnership between PwC and the PNG Tribal Foundation involves program sessions at ten high schools with student leaders in attendance. It was launched at De La Salle Secondary School followed by Gordons Secondary School, Don Bosco Technological Institute, Marianville Secondary School, and Port Moresby International School to date.

"PwC values diversity and inclusion and we believe that one way of creating a gender equal community is by ending gender-based violence. That's why we've partnered with the PNG Tribal Foundation to run its Senisim Pasin program," says Managing Partner Jonathan Seeto.

"By bringing the program to secondary school students, we aim to help shape the mindset and behaviour of our youths, which could help us end gender-based violence in our community,” he explains.

Student participation and feedback has been tremendously positive. Senisim Pasin creates a safe space for students to openly discuss the issues surrounding GBV, SARV and how they as individuals can sign a pledge and join the Senisim Pasin Call to Action to say they will not tolerate all forms of violence and be a beacon of change in their homes, schools, families, and communities.

“I was emotional, touched, taught me how to treat our mothers and sisters.” – POMIS Student Leader.

“I felt so emotional, and I know that I can be a catalyst for change in my peer group, family, school and community.” – Marianville Student Leader.

“I feel sad as I witness GBV in my community, but I want to change that by warning people about GBV and arrest perpetrators.” – De La Salle Student Leader.

“Women are important in our everyday life. Beating them should stop.” – Gordons Student Leader.

Launched in 2015, Senisim Pasin has been screened in over fifty schools and communities throughout Papua New Guinea and impacted more than 100, 000 people in up to seventeen provinces. The reception from the school administrations is overwhelming.

“One day you will be fathers. It is time you learn good values from programs like this so that it prepares you to be good fathers and better citizens of your community and country,” says Brother Anthony Samy Pancras, FSC, Principal, De La Salle Secondary School

Elileen A’afa, from Marianville Secondary School says, “This program is a game changer. Identifying strategic audience can enable more change such as having student leaders be part of the program.”  

PwC and its partnership with PNG Tribal Foundation is just one example of corporate leadership that will have impacted over five hundred high school students to become Gender Appreciation champions by sharing the importance of valuing and respecting one another within their peers and their community. 

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