Punaha: Churches to help register rural population

The network of churches will now be used to facilitate for the registration of all sim cards in the rural areas.

National Information and Communications Technology Authority CEO, Charles Punaha verified that priests, pastors and layman can be used as reputable persons to identify and vouch for members of their congregation at points of registration.

“We are also going to simplify the form of registration so that the pastors can sign and get as many of their parishioners registered.

“We will use the provisions of the regulations where it provides for reputable persons, from our understanding from what we have been told by the operators, the original or initial provision was to provide for president of LLG’s and magistrates.

“But we have come across the situation where these people also want to charge fees, so now the churches are going to be used” he said.

Punaha also indicated that for users in urban centers NICTA has requested for operators to facilitate for online registration as well.

As of Monday, the SIM card registration deadline has been further extended to April.

Julianna Waeda