Public urged to be vigilant

Interestingly, kidnapping cases, although very serious, have not been the main reason for the reported missing persons cases in NCD.

However, NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, would like that the public be more vigilant in preventing kidnappings.

He said the trend of reported kidnappings only picked up in 2018, and is the most important one to take note of in missing persons cases.

Chief superintendent N’Dranou called on the general public to help a person who may be in distress; whether they are being harassed or attacked in a public space.

He said police can only help when a missing person report is filed, but the public’s response is instant and they can prevent a kidnapping before it even happens.

N’Dranou stressed the importance of educating children about public safety.

“Don’t use isolated roads. Move in a group in public places when there are other people moving about too,” he said.

Salome Vincent