Public urged to avoid Kadovar

Avoid returning to Kadovar Island, East Sepik Province, whilst volcanic activity continues.

“Shipping and boat operators should avoid approaching the island, unless on emergency/relief work,” says the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory (RVO).

In its updated situation report, the Observatory said the eruption has increased in violence since yesterday (January 6).

“Ash is being emitted and is being blown to the west-northwest and extends for tens of kilometres,” reports the RVO.

“Reports dated 6th January state that 50-60 percent of the island is covered in volcanic products. During the 6th, emissions darkened in colour and became more voluminous.

“Light ash falls have also affected Karruru and Muschu Islands, Mt. Uru in Yangoru District and Woginara on the West Coast.”

RVO said seismometers at Wewak (operated by The Port Moresby Geophysical Observatory) and on Manam Island and at Bogia (operated by RVO) do not show events which can definitely be attributed to the Kadovar activity.

“These sensors being at 100, 75 and 80km respectively are probably at too great a distance to be of use.

“However, the lack of a clear Kadovar signal would indicate that the activity is not of the largest scale.”

Meanwhile, the Observatory said sketchy reports seem to imply that all residents have been evacuated.

“Currently, there are no reports of fatalities.”

(Picture: Samaritan Aviation)

Carmella Gware