Public servants vaccinated

Public servants from seven government agencies at the Central Government Building at Waigani received their COVID-19 vaccination yesterday.

Two heads of agencies were among those who received their vaccinations.

The Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, Taies Sansan, and the Chief Censor, Jimmy Abani, were among staff from DPM, Immigration & Citizenship Authority, Foreign Affairs and others who got their jabs yesterday.

Prior to the vaccination conducted by the NCD Provincial Health Authority team, the acting public health executive manager, Dr Lucy John, said they were happy to provide vaccines to officers housed at the building.

A presentation was conducted by the National Department of Health and WHO representative, Dr Deborah Bettels.

Dr Bettels, in her presentation, provided background information of three of the vaccines that are available in PNG, namely Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Sinopharm.

DPM Secretary, Sansan, in her remarks urged those public servants who are willing to take the vaccine to come forward and receive it as it was an opportunity provided to staff of those government agencies housed at the Central Government Building.

Sansan said a circular was issued by the Secretary for PMNEC, Ivan Pomaleu, urging public servants to get vaccinated. It is voluntary but it is up to every individual to make those judgements.

She also highlighted the spike that is being experienced in the Highlands region, saying: “We don’t know what will happen in other regions, so on behalf of the government, I encourage all public servants to get vaccinated.”

(Secretary for Department of Personnel Management, Taies Sansan, receiving her vaccine)

Carmella Gware