Public Servants’ Off Days

Public servants have been given four designated days off starting Tuesday, the 28th of December.

In a circular issued to all heads of departments, provincial administrations and heads of statutory bodies, the Department of Personnel Management said the 4 days are paid shutdown days and are not to be accrued if not taken.

DPM Secretary, Taies Sansan, said: “They are allocated days for the convenience of closing of government offices however, officers who are required to work to cater for essential and rostered arrangements will not be paid overtime but will be awarded a paid day off at a later time.

“The Department of Finance, Immigration & Citizenship Authority will continue to work as normal under the arrangements as set out in a separate circular. (

Apart from the designated days off, public servants will work half a day on Friday, December 24th.

  • Saturday 25 December 2021 - Christmas Day
  • Sunday 26th December 2021 - Boxing Day
  • Monday 27th December 2021 - Public Holiday
  • Tuesday 28th December 2021 - Designated Day off (1)
  • Wednesday 29th December 2021 - Designated Day off (2)
  • Thursday 30th December 2021 - Designated Day off (3)
  • Friday 31st December 2021 - Designated Day off (4)

“Public servants are required to report back for normal duties in the New Year on Monday 3rd January 2022,” said secretary Sansan.

She further extended her well wishes to all public servants and their families for a safe and blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

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