Provincial Administrator denies claims

West New Britain Provincial Administrator Williamson Hosea has denied claims that the purchase of a new vehicle for the Provincial Administration, was for his personal use.

The complaint, made by another prominent leader of the province, came about because the provincial COVID-19 operations in the province, lacked logistics support.

The leader who wants to remain anonymous, said all the operations of COVID-19 in the Local Level Governments have come to a standstill because no vehicles to conduct the operations.

The Provincial Administrator was accused of buying a new car from the public purse, for his own use.

A complaint, made by a prominent leader, who wished to remain anonymous, said it is impacting the COVID-19 operation, which is at a standstill for lack of logistics support.

However, Provincial Administrator Williamson Hosea denied this, saying the new Nissan Navara is a Provincial Administration support vehicle and not for his private use.

Hosea argued that the vehicle was purchased during the 14-day lockdown, because all other government vehicles were being engaged in the COVID-19 operation.

As Provincial Emergency Controller, he needed a vehicle after unsuccessful attempts to hire a car.

He also clarified that LLG presidents, who have requested for vehicles, have to wait until the Trust Fund account is cleared.

Mr Hosea reminded them to return the old vehicles, as per a circular sent in 2019.

He said this is one of the reasons why the administration is reluctant to buy new vehicles for the LLGs, because it is stipulated under the Public Finance Management Act’s Procurement requirements.

Freddy Mou