Provinces called to submit Teachers’ resumption forms

The Secretary for the Department of Education, Dr. Uke Kombra has appealed to the provincial authorities and the National Institutions to submit their teachers’ Resumption of Duty Summary Sheets (RODSS) to the Payroll Division at the earliest convenience.

Dr. Uke Kombra warned the provinces that if the RODSS are not received on time, the teachers are likely to be put off the payroll in March. 

“All institutions in the National Education System are now advised that the implementation of auto suspension will be done on the 1st of March, 2017, while the actual auto suspension will take effect on Pay No. 6, pay date 17th March, 2017,” said the Secretary. 

He said the payroll division has received copies of RODSS from NCD, Central and West Sepik provinces. 

The National High Schools, District Elementary Co-coordinators, Inclusive Education, Teacher Colleges and Head Office of Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) have also submitted their RODSS.

The Secretary expects teachers of the following provinces to face auto suspension if their RODSS are not received on time:  Gulf, Western/Kiunga Lake-Murray, Northern (Oro), Milne Bay, EHP, WHP, Jiwaka, SHP, Hela, ESP, Madang, WNBP, ENBP and AROB.

He also said that the Provincial Centres for FODE and Technical Colleges have not forwarded their RODSS.

Dr. Kombra has urged the authorities of the provinces and National Institutions to ensure that their teachers’ RODSS reach the Payroll Division well before March 1, 2017.

Annette Kora