Protect our people: Minister

The most important resource that should be protected in PNG are our people.

Police Minister Jelta Wong made this statement during the conclusion of the police commissioner’s conference.

Speaking to the police provincial and divisional heads, Police Minister Jelta Wong urged them to especially protect the young and vulnerable.

They were encouraged to provide an environment that shields women and children from violence.

“Victims and those around must be able to feel safe to step forth and report these abuses. And we must be able to prosecute and hold the perpetrators to account,” said the Minister.

“We must provide an environment where our children can go to school and be educated so they can be leaders of tomorrow in whatever field they choose.

“You officers are vital to providing the safety and security for our country.”

Wong highlighted that the discipline of officers has come under tight scrutiny, adding that he was pleased to see that key performance indicators were part of the conference.

“This is a step forward for our country. Everyone is responsible for each and every officer of the RPNGC, hence the term: ‘A policeman is a reflection of one’s commander’,” he stated.

(Police Minister Jelta Wong)

Carmella Gware