Progressive update on MTDP 3

The Government’s aspiration through the Medium Term Development Plan for the next 5 years is to grow the economy, therefore sectoral plans and consultation must complement this.

Minister for Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru, said this in conference yesterday whilst highlighting the progress made in the formulation process of the government’s new Medium Term Development Plan 2018-2022 (MTDP3).

Following his previous briefing to the media, the Minister said the new plan, which will be called the Medium Term Development Plan 2018-2022 or MTDP3, would be formulated within the existing National Planning Framework.

This is where the elements of different plans and strategies such as Vision 2050, Development Strategic Plan 2030 and the Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development (StaRS) will importantly elevate the agenda of pursuing growth agenda in the next four years.

He said partnership and ownership is the key to the success of the outcome of any development plans and consultation with stakeholders, who will actually own the plan, is vital to the entire planning process.

“The recently held National Planning Consultative Summit in Lae was very successful and the discussions and inputs from the Summit would be used to guide MTDP3 formulation.”

He adds that the consultation process will continue throughout the four Regions starting 2nd week of May 2018, to inform the provinces and districts the theme, direction and priorities of MTDP3, together with the Outcome Report of the performance of previous MTDP 1 & 2.

They will also get their feedback into the formulation of the plan.

The forums will provide opportunities for provinces and districts to get an insight into how sub-national governments’ plans are expected to align to the MTDP3.

The regional MTDP3 Consultation are scheduled as follows;

Highlands Region (Goroka) – 7th -8th May 2018

New Guinea Islands (Kokopo) – 10th -11th May 2018

Southern Region (Central Province) – 14th -15th May 2018

Mamose Region (Madang) – 17th – 18th May 2018

Minister Maru adds the Department of National Planning and Monitoring is currently working on a comprehensive Review on the performance of the MTDP 1 and MTDP 2.

The Review on past plans has never been done and published and the Minister said this would be the first time such a report would be published to inform the Government and the public.

(Minister for Planning and Monitoring, Richard Maru)

Annette Kora