PRK Leaders unite for development

It was yet another history in making for the FASU landowners to see their PRK Leaders arriving together in a convoy at Aiyo Primary School to handover school trucks for the three schools in the area, Waro, Aiyo and Sisibia, on Wednesday 7th October.


Leaders of resource owners of Kutubu Oil and Gas expressed gratitude for this gesture when they saw their front liners who are custodians of the PRK trust funds united.

Due to their disputes in the past, development has taken decades to eventuate.

The Principal of Waro High School, which is one of the receiving schools expressed heartfelt thanks for a dream come true, even though it is 38 years too late

“I had been teaching for 38 years now, I’m about to retire in two years’ time. It will be my first time to sit on a vehicle and ride on a school vehicle.” Said Kinsly Domai, Principal, Waro High School.

He further asked for assistance for Waro Primary school which is 38 years old and with run down facilities.

The leaders of the PRK, like John Kapi Nato, PRK Board Chairman and PRK Director Mark Sakai and others had been rivals in the past, and to arrive together as fellow landowners brings hope and new beginning.  The leaders expressed their genuine intentions of working together for the sake of the future generation.

“Some of us leaders did not come through in an easy way to gain education. We struggle and that’s why we are here today. In this day we are your leaders, the next 10 years or 5 years I’m not your leader. There are other leaders who will come. Never mind we fight, never mind we talk, at the bottom of our hearts we must shake hands and know that that we’re still brothers.” John Kapi Nato, PRK Chairman.

Nato further assured that the directors of the PRK will continue to provide other services besides the vehicles that have been delivered.

Petroleum Resource Kutubu made history in the delivery of three school trucks to the three schools in the FASO area of Kutubu on Wednesday 7th October.  

Three brand new Dyna trucks were delivered to Aiyo and Sisibia Primary Schools and Waro High School.

The presentation took place in Aiyo Primary School witnessed by school children, teachers, and parents of all three schools.

Managing Director for MRDC, Augustine Mano expressed gratitude to the teachers for their perseverance and dedication, during the presentation ceremony.

The trucks were purchased by at a cost of K152, 000 each, through their Community Infrastructure Trust Fund (CITF). The three schools are part of the Fasu beneficiary group, who receive 90 per cent of benefits from the Kutubu Oil Project. 

PRK is a subsidiary of the Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) which holds in trust royalty and equity from the Oil Search operated Kutubu Oil project on behalf of the landowner tribes Fasu and Foe and the Sothern Highlands and Gulf Provincial Governments.

The Chairman of PRK, John Kapi-Natto, and fellow directors, Mark Sakai, Johnny Yawari and MRDC managing Director, Augustine Mano were present to hand over the keys to the boards of the three schools.

The event was witnessed by SHP Province Deputy administrator Fibic Kilipe , Kutubu LLG President John Pipi Kila, Na’Aporo Landowner Association Representatives, Department of Petroleum and other dignitaries

Frieda Kana