Prime Suspect Wounded and Captured

The prime suspect involved in the murder of a man from Hela Province at Gorobe settlement recently, was shot and arrested by police today.

The suspect Polo Peto, who allegedly stabbed a security guard to death which triggered a retaliation and a wave of fights between Hela and Goilala communities living in the city, was also wanted for a string of other murders, according to Badili Police Station Commander Inspector Obert Jerry. 

The PSC said two police units, left Port Moresby last night and travelled to the junction of Goilala and Kairuku Hiri, before capturing Peto at around 12pm today.

Peto, of mixed Goilala and Kairuku parentage, is said to have retaliated by swinging a bush knife at police, which missed the driver of the police vehicle and cut the car door instead.

Police than retaliated immediately by shooting and wounding, Peto before arresting him.

An ambulance was also dispatched to carry the wounded suspect from Central Province to the Port Moresby General hospital.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Gideon Ikumu praised his men for relentlessly pursuing and arresting the suspect.

Ikumu said one of Peto's accomplices involved in the Gorobe killing was arrested soon after this crime and is now in lawful custody.

Meanwhile, work is still in progress to locate and apprehend the two men involved in the gruesome murder at Koki.

Merilyn Diau Katam