Price subsidy for Karkar copra

The Sumkar District Administration has provided K150,000 each to two copra buyers as price subsidy for farmers on Karkar Island in Madang Province.

Sumkar DDA Chief Executive Officer, Charles Katu presented one cheque each to Biabi Estate and Linguan Company in Madang. Currently Linguan Company is buying copra at K1 per kilogram while others are buying at 80 toea per kilogram on Karkar Island.

Another K150,000 will be presented to Kulili Estate on Karkar Island later.

Mr Katu said the price subsidy was allocated by DDA Chairman and local MP Alexander Suguman to help with price support. Farmers would fetch K2 per kilogram on sales during the festive season.

During his last visit to the Island, MP Suguman said copra subsidy will boost farmer confidence and increase production. He said currently farmers work very hard but do not earn much.
He also encouraged Karkar Islanders and the people of Sumgilbar LLG to get involved in farming. 

A call was also made to the district authority to beef up police presence as lawlessness is becoming a concern for businesses to thrive on the island. Now with the price support, crime opportunits will likey prey on growers at the farm gates.

It was suggested that the Sumkar DDA revamp the police sub post at Taur with housing and manpower. 

Loop author