Prayer For National General Elections

Body of Christ Churches yesterday called the nation to prayer for the 2022 National General Elections for a free, fair and safe elections.

Body of Christ Churches Chairman, Rev. Ps Joseph Walters spoke to the leaders of the churches at the Tabernacle of Prayer Church, 6-Mile about the importance of prayer.

Pastor Michael Wilson said there have been mismanagement and corruption among leaders because wrong people are voted into parliament, but there is a best way to run the elections and the church believes they have the answer. 

“Our desire and our conviction is that with God we can do it better, with God things can go better,” said Ps. Wilson.

A prayer and fasting will be called starting from April 7 to 21st that is before, during and after the general elections.

Ps. Walters said, as church leaders representing different church groups in the country they feel the need to advise or inform the nation of their strategy for prayer and intercession and spiritual warfare to prepare the nation to go into the elections.

“This is because we know that over the years there has been widespread corruption, widespread bribery, use of evil forces and powers to get advantage of another. We feel that these practices over those years are wrong and bad, and even people in responsible positions have abused set procedures and processes, when it came to elections, the counting time and all those things,” he said.

As a result, Ps. Walters said there were many election disputes that have gone before the courts are depriving and denying people of their elected leaders’ representation in government, causing the state a lot of money in those election-related court cases.

“We believe that if we can engage God and do it the Godly way then, whoever is elected to parliament comes with a clean record of victory and so the result of some evil practices that has seen that person into power. Because what a man has done or carries, he or she carries it into parliament,” he added.

Calling the nation to prayer is something that had been done before and the church leaders confessed they had seen the hand of God before, and believe it will be done if done in God’s way. 

Frieda Kana