Practice self-discipline

Having Strong work ethics and self-discipline was encouraged by the Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika today, to everyone in the legal fraternity, at the opening of the 2019 Legal year in Port Moresby.

The service began with the a march from the Boreboa Primary school gates at North Waigani, down to the PNG Bible Church, just before Morata.

Judges, Magistrates, lawyers and staff of the National Judiciary and Magisterial services took time off this morning to open the year 2019 with a dedication service led by Rev. Moresby Tunge.

But before that, an inspection of the guards was done by Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika. This is also his first as the head of the judiciary.

In delivering his keynote address, he stressed on discipline and having strong work ethics.

“Discipline brings stability and structure into a person’s life. Self-discipline means self-control with is a set of inner strength and control of yourself.

“Your actions and your reactions are important. Self-discipline is therefore one of the most important ingredients for achieving ones goals,” Sir Gibbs said.

He encouraged forming good work habits by focusing on ones roles to complete given tasks, and made mention of things he highlighted earlier, to do during his term.

“One of them was to have judges complete their reserved decisions as soon as possible. That can only be achieved if all judges are to self-discipline themselves and have better work habits and to manage their discipline,” he said.

The Chief Justice also said everyone, judges included must practice self-discipline in order to maintain standards and focus on achieving goals.

“I will be asking judges who have reserved decisions to attend to their own self-discipline. That also applied to me as well, and I will ensure I have a workable plan to execute my goals. I must discipline myself and cultivate a strong work ethics for myself as well,” Sir Gibbs further added.

The service ended with a dedication prayer for the two new heads of the judiciary and well as lawyers.

Sally Pokiton