PPC on buai trade: Enough is enough!

A frustrated Central police commander has taken a “shut down” approach in dealing with the law and order issues associated with the buai trade in his province.

PPC Laimo Asi says he is taking measures to try to deal with the influx of buai traders into the province by enforcing a road block along the Laloki and Doah areas.

As of last Friday, police personnel at the road block have turned back trucks and bus loads of buai buyers, while allowing the trucks with sellers to go into the city to sell their buai.

Police have been stationed at the check points since Friday and will be there until such a time Asi says the issues associated with the buai trade are dealt with.

Presently, the community along the Agevairua market area has seen an increase in many law and order related issues, caused by aggressive buai traders and frustrated locals.

The police hope that by them stopping the buyers to come into the area, hopefully they can shift most of these issues away from the community.

Julianna Waeda