Power woes frustrate residents

Residents in Lae and Madang Province are frustrated with the ongoing power issues.

Loop PNG received reports of blackouts/low power supplies into homes since Friday (June 2), which has greatly inconvenienced homes and business houses.

For Lae alone, PNG Power Ltd announced an emergency shutdown of its gas turbine from Friday 8pm to Saturday 8am. This was to allow for an urgent clean-up of the fuel tank.

PPL then released another notice saying it will conduct an emergency shutdown of the Ramu Hydro Power Station from Saturday 8pm to today (Sunday) 8am. The exercise is to allow for an urgent repair of a faulty bypass valve. This has affected Lae, Madang and the Highlands region.

An officer with PPL told Loop that maintenance work was carried out yesterday and will continue today as well.

“Power will be restored at 4pm today.”

Residents have been advised to contact the National Call Centre on 7090 8000 or 7500 8000 if they experience prolonged power outages during this period.

“PPL apologises for the inconvenience this may cause during this time,” said the firm.


Carmella Gware