Post-election COVID surge likely

Be COVID-19 vigilant, practice the Niupela Pasin and get vaccinated during elections. Deputy Controller for the Pandemic Response Dr. Daoni Esorom

sounded this warning when receiving donations from the PNG Red Cross NCD Central Branch in Port Moresby on Friday. Dr. Daoni reminded the general public that we are still in the Pandemic phase and still need to be cautious.

“We still have the mask mandate and people need to be cautious. The things that we actually planned to do in the pandemic to mitigate the spread have not been adhered to by many people,” he said.

“We are going through a very challenging time at the moment.

“We got the National General Elections and most of the COVID- 19 protocols have not been followed. People are congregating, not wearing masks are unvaccinated.

“All our four surges that we have had were caused by mass national gatherings and the National General Elections is a super spreader event. We anticipant a surge mid-election or after the elections.” Dr. Daoni said.

Dr. Daoni stated that NCC is preparing for post elections and are working on their road map to recovery.

Meantime he thanked the PNG Red Cross Society NCD/ Central Branch for the donation of PPEs. Its gesture and that of other partners and volunteers is very timely. 

Loop author