Porgera restart on track

Prime Minister James Marape assured members of Parliament in last week’s sitting that restart of the Porgera mine will be announced in his independence address on the 16th of September.

North Fly Member, James Donald asked Prime Minister Marape to update the house on the progress of the Porgera mine restart operations and asked the PM if he could confirm the government’s plans for the mine.

Prime Minister Marape thanked the people of the impacted areas for their support. He said the government has received very minimal distractions and disruptions from landowners and respective provincial governments. 

The Prime Minister said further announcements regarding the operations of Porgera mine by operator Barrick Niugini Ltd will be made in his Independence address on the 16th of September.

He said, “Our intention remains that by the 16th of September, the affirmative progress in as far as Porgera restart is concerned will be announced to our country as part of our September 16th announcements.”

Prime Minister said the government remains committed to this announcement.

He further stated that preparations are underway for the mine to be operated by a new joint venture that will be owned by Barrick Niugini Ltd and state agency, Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd.

“Wok lo recommencim agreement em I still run yet. There are four subsidiary agreement that needs to be run and agreed upon and we still running through them with our partners in Barrick and our focus remains that on the 1th of September we will make this announcement on the shape and size and form in which the new Porgera will be opened,” the PM said.

Marysila Kellerton