Population count starts in Lae

Enumeration, or counting of the population, started in Lae city today with Lae MP and Deputy Prime Minister, John Rosso.

The Morobe Urban census team was in the Lae City Authority office this morning to input Rosso’s data.

The provincial census coordinator for Morobe Urban, Waina Orama, said with Morobe having the largest landmass in the country, they have divided themselves into Morobe Urban and Morobe Rural; with each team covering five districts each.

“For the urban, most districts have already completed their training and they have gone ahead to do the enumeration,” Orama stated.

“We are commencing our enumeration starting today, that’s why we have invited our leaders, especially the Member for Lae Open and Deputy Prime Minister, who is currently being interviewed by our interviewers. We will also interview the governor after this, including the district administrator and provincial administrator.

“Once we have completed enumerating them then we will deploy to the whole district.

“For Ahi LLG, they will commence theirs tomorrow, in respect of the death of their leader, Sir Nagora Bogan.”

Twenty-four teams have been allocated their respective census units and will be visiting establishments or premises soon. Each team has a supervisor and two interviewers, and will be equipped with tablets, high visibility vests and ID cards.

The team hopes to conclude counting in Lae district by next week, then move on to the districts of Huon Gulf, Markham, Nawaeb and Bulolo.

Loop Author