Pomat’s artefacts decision applauded

The Parliament Speaker’s decision to return, repair or replace the cultural decorations that were removed from the National Parliament has been applauded.

Caretaker Manager of the National Museum, Alois Kuaso, and Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare, welcomed the announcement.

The artefacts were removed from the House in December 2013 by the former Speaker Theo Zurenouc, who said his actions were aimed at cleansing the building of evil spirits.

However, after the National Court ruled in favour of the National Museum, Speaker Job Pomat announced that his office was working with the latter to have the artefacts back on display in Parliament.

Following this, Kuaso and Sir Michael said they are humbled by the gesture to resolve the outstanding legal issue concerning the destruction of cultural decorations inside the Parliament and look forward to finding a common ground to redress what happened.

While the National Museum is looking forward to correct this, they are also aware and oppose some of the court’s decision to bring in new and additional items that were not there.

Sir Michael said the National Parliament was built to be a monumental statement that captured the diversity of our cultural heritage and reflected the unification process of diverse cultures. Therefore it is illegal and improper for any physical modification to be done to its physical and artistic integrity.


Picture: Johnny Blades 


Carolyn Ure