Pom PMV Operators face uncertain future

The current transport system of buses running in the nation’s capital will not be included in the future plans of the city.

Governor for NCD, Powes Parkop said that the recent turnout of events from private bus owners going on strike has left the city in turmoil causing inconvenience for the city residents to move about daily.

Parkop said the solution now lies with authorities to find a reliable, affordable and efficient public transport system in the city.

He said although the PMV owners and operators have done well for the city, commending them of their effort, they may not be part of the city’s future plans for public transport.

“They have maintained and run the city up to now but they should not pretend that they can provide the service forever.”

The Governor adds that they are doing an in-justice to the city and the residents thinking that they can continue to provide services in the manner that they do.

“They’ve served the city well but they must start coming to terms with the fact that they may not be the only PMV operators for the city in the future.”

Parkop challenged PMV operators that if want to play a role in the future of the city’s transport then they must come forward with a proposal that will be a win- win for their future operations in the city.

“At the moment still, the future isn’t too bright for PMV operators to be a part of”.



Annette Kora