Pom market closed due to illegal activities

The National Capital District Commission has followed on with its evacuation notice and removed all vendors at Manu Market.

Their plea to the member for Moresby North-East in a letter came a little too late. 

The scene on Wednesday at Manu Market included a truck removing the market tables abandoned by the vendors while police moved in to ensure the market is closed. 

Another truck was parked next to the huge pile of rubbish that had been left unattended to for days.

NCDC contractors were removing the rubbish while police were present to ensure market vendors stayed out.

Earlier this week, National Capital District City Manager, Bernard Kipit, explained that the closure is ordered due to non-availability of water and toilet facilities, cooking and selling cooked and frozen food in the open, and other illegal activities, including the selling of betelnut.

He added that the increase of petty crimes was a factor as well.

While the news was welcomed by many who have been victims of petty crimes, the vendors are not one bit happy.

They further called on the members for Moresby North and East to help them.

Charmaine Poriambep