Pom crime rate drops

The crime rate in NCD has decreased over the last few weeks, according to the Metropolitan superintendent, Perou N'Dranou.

The Met Sup said no major crimes were reported in the week ending February to date.

From last week, he said;

There were 7 motor vehicle thefts, usually 10-11 are reported in a week.

  • 4 minor armed robberies
  • 3 break and enter stealing
  • 2 fraud related offences reported
  • 3 sexual offences

"It's steady, less from the previous months," he said.

He has attributed this to police working tirelessly as well as the support from the units in APEC program.

Much of this is from more police presence on the streets.

Meantime, commenting on the Boroko Foodworld shooting earlier last month, N'Dranou said papers are currently being filed for court.

"We have enough evidence to  proceed further. We're just compiling documents to bring it forward," he explained.

Gloria Bauai