Polye calls for peace

Former Kandep MP, Don Polye, has called on supporters and the people of Kandep, Enga Province, to allow the process of the court and the recount to progress without any violence.

His statement follows the National Court ruling in Waigani for a recount of the Kandep Open Seat.

The decision was delivered by Justice Colin Makail on July 4th.

A huge crowd had also turned up outside the Waigani Court House in anticipation of the outcome, with jubilant scenes after the recount order.

“I’ve in fact been telling our supporters everywhere in Kandep, in Enga and throughout PNG, to have love and peace prevail all the time. Leadership must be founded upon principles that are upright, and they must be founded on righteous conduct of life and violence is not one of them.

“My call to people of Kandep and Enga and others throughout PNG, is let peace prevail because we stand for that. That is good leadership, and allow Electoral Commission, police and others in the system to implement decision of the court.”

The ruling concludes a two year legal battle between Don Polye, the former Kandep MP and petitioner in the original Kandep Open Election Petition filed in 2017, and current MP, Alfred Manase, and the Electoral Commission.

The recount of the Kandep Open seat was ordered after Justice Colin Makail upheld two out of eight alleged breaches in the election petition.

Justice Makail upheld that there was a failure by the Electoral Commission to provide security at the polling venues and that there were errors and omissions in the counting process.

Justice Makail said the recount must be held to make certain the result of the voting outcome and to give assurance to the electorate that the results are impeccable.

Speaking to the media outside, Polye said he was happy that justice has been carried fairly and is looking forward to the recount.

“It’s a welcome news for the people of Kandep and PNG, that justice must be done, especially my seven boxes were not counted. There were many omissions and errors in the boxes that were not counted, and must be done in the process in the context of law.”

Meantime, the Electoral Commission is expected to set a date for the recount and venue.

(Former Kandep MP Don Polye addressing the crowd yesterday)

Cedric Patjole