Polye assures peace for Kandep trial

Former Kandep member and petitioner in the Court of Disputed Returns, Don Polye, has given the assurance for peace in Wabag town when the matter goes for trial.

The National Court has directed that the petition be heard in Wabag from April 20 to May 25.

That trial will be heard in Wabag if the petition gets past the competency stage of the case.

Motions challenging the competency of the petition will be heard on April 3 at the Waigani National Court.

“We hope that in the trial, the right things will happen. The judiciary will perform, security will be provided and other party will aim to do what is right.

"I can give that assurance but it depends on all other parties,” Polye said outside court in Waigani.

The former Opposition leader said he has met with his tribe and other leaders during a ceremony last month, and made it clear to them to establish peace between the tribes who fought over the election results.

"I see no problem. I can guarantee the security and safety of all Engans, witnesses, parties involved, as long as everybody comes with that united mindset to doing what is right.

“When the right is not done, people will stand up for what is right.”

He called on the Electoral Commission and current MP, Alfred Manase, and his supporters to ensure there is peace and a free environment for witnesses to come to court.

"We also engaged a peace and law and order committee in Enga and I've called other leaders to establish peace.

"I see a very fair and free trial to be conducted in Wabag that I'm looking forward to it,” Polye added.

Sally Pokiton