From a politician to Governor General

In an intriguing ceremony this afternoon at the Parliament House in front of his former colleague MPs, media personnel, family and friends, the 10th Governor General elect Bob Dadae was escorted to the entrance of the parliament.

He was accorded the honor from the PNGDF ceremonial guards and a combine band from the three disciplinary forces.

Waiting at the stairs of the parliament to welcome him was PNGDF Commander Brigadier General, Albert Toropo, Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia, Opposition leader Don Polye with his wife and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill accompanied by his beautiful wife.

Dadae was then escorted into the chamber to be officially sworn in.

While in the chamber, Dadae make an oath to serve the Queen Elizabeth II and her heirs and the people of Papua New Guinea.

Dadae was nominated and elected by Parliament after the former late Governor General Sir Michael Ogio’s term expired.

Dadae was first elected into the 7th National Parliament in the 2002 General Elections for the Kabwum Open seat as a United Party Candidate.

He was then elected Deputy Leader of United Party after the 2002 general elections and Deputy Speaker unopposed on the 30/06/2004 replacing late Jeffery Nape.

He was then re-elected to the 8th National Parliament in the 2007 General Elections for the same seat as a United Party candidate.

Dadae was then appointed as Minister for Defence in the Somare-Temu cabinet on the 29/8/2007 till 2/8/2011.

He was again mandated into the 9th Parliament in 2012 under the same seat.

He was Chairman of Public Works Permanent Committee, Member of Private Business Permanent Committee, Member of Public Accounts Permanent Committee and Member of Inter-Government Relations Referral Committee till his appointment as the 10th Governor General of Papua New Guinea.

Unlike other Commonwealth realms, the Governor-General of Papua New Guinea is nominated by the country's Parliament, rather than being proposed by its Prime Minister, as is the convention almost everywhere else.

The appointment is made by the head of state of Papua New Guinea, currently Queen Elizabeth II, following a simple majority vote of the National Parliament.

No person may serve for more than two terms as Governor General, a matter made formal relation in Papua New Guinea.

Thus far all retired Governor-Generals have been knighted.

The Speaker of the National Parliament has been acting as Governor-General until today when Dadae was sworn-in by Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia in the Parliament chamber.

Freddy Mou