Policeman dismissed over alleged wife bashing

A policeman has been served his dismissal notice at the Boroko cells in the National Capital District after he was arrested, charged and detained by the Policing the Police Task Force Team for alleged wife bashing.

The policeman, Constable Andy Kaivi, was arrested and charged under Section 20 of the Family Protection Act after his wife, who is also a policewoman, reported that he had been constantly harassing, abusing, threatening and assaulting her.

Kaivi was alleged to have assaulted his wife on December 7 last year at about 7am at the Red Sea Police barracks at Bomana.

Police allege Kaivi, aged 34 from Wosera-Gawi, East Sepik Province, committed this offence whilst he was under the influence of alcohol.

He was arrested on numerous occasions but allegedly did not attend these. Further, it is alleged that he had been disobeying Interim Protection Orders obtained by the victim under the Family and Sexual Violence Act.

Kaivi was served with serious disciplinary offences for his conduct and recommended for dismissal from the Police Force. However, the Police Internal Affairs Directorate were not able to serve him the Notice of Penalty for dismissal until he was arrested and detained at the Boroko Police cells by the PPTFT.


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