Policeman convicted for misappropriation

A member of the Royal PNG Constabulary, based at the Badili Police Station, has been found guilty of misappropriating a total of K62,500 – monies belonging to a retired primary school teacher from Hela.

The Community Correction Based office has been asked to do two reports that will assist the court decide its sentence against Andrew Mulungu.

He remains on bail and will return to court in September.

Justice Danajo Koeget convicted Mulungu yesterday to three counts of misappropriation.

The traffic officer on three occasions misappropriated monies belonging to Stanley Tigi Hangu.

On 16 July 2010, K42,800 was withdrawn from Hangu’s account to purchase a vehicle. The vehicle was registered by Mulungu under his name without the knowledge and authority of Haunu.

Between 19 and 20 July, K18,000 was withdrawn by Hangu on Mulungu’s advise to purchase a vehicle for taxi services. He also registered the vehicle under his name without the knowledge of Hangu.

He told Hangu, ownership documents of both vehicles will be transferred later but never did so.

On 2 August 2010, he advised Mulungu to transfer K1,700 to his account to purchase a taxi meter and register a company with IPA.

The court found that taxi meter cost only K20 while the business name was registered at K50.

Mulungu put the remaining K1,670 to his own use.

Justice Koeget said by Mulungu registering two vehicles under his name, he committed an element of misappropriation especially when he did so without Hangu’s knowledge.

Hangu passed away on 20 December 2017 while awaiting the trial.

His wife, who was a state witness, told the court she did not benefit from any money from the taxi service, nor did she see her late husband drive any of the vehicles he purchased with his retirement money.

None of the assets were returned to the Hangu’s family after his passing.

Sally Pokiton