Policeman apologises to victim

A police man convicted of assaulting a former university lecturer apologised to his victim’s family in court today.

Last week, the Waigani National Court, through Justice George Manuhu, found Philip Bomal guilty of causing serious injuries to Francis Essy at the Manu Service Station in 2014. Essy was a former lecturer in the University of PNG’s School of Business and Administration.

Today, Bomal was asked if he wanted to say in light of the court’s verdict. His first remark was to apologise to his victim and his victim’s family, some of whom were present in the courtroom.

“Mi laik tok sorry lo femily bilong Francis Essy,” he stated.

His second remark was to apologise to his own family, especially his three children, the oldest of which was 7, for disappointing them.

Bomal said he had no personal grievances with the victim and that the incident happened in the course of him executing his duties as a policeman.

Hence, he asked for the court’s mercy when deciding his sentence.

Justice Manuhu adjourned to December 9 when the court will receive a presentence report to help it reach an appropriate sentence. Bomal’s bail was extended until then.

(Article by Daisy Pakawa – third year UPNG Journalism student)

Daisy Pakawa