Police will not tolerate domestic violence: N’Dranou

There has been national concern on violence against women in the country.

Police recently confirmed cases of sexual harassment at the work place and domestic violence on female victims.

The first case took place two weeks ago on a Thursday at Harness Energy at Napanapa which saw the case being reported to the Town Police station.

NCD Police Boss, Perou N’Dranou confirmed the report with the Town police station commander who said that the suspect was formerly employed by Harness Energy but has now been terminated after the domestic violence incident.

He was arrested and later released on bail last week.

N’dranou assures the general public that those cases will be dealt with immediately and accordingly.

He commended the company for terminating the suspect for committing the serious assault against a woman.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, police confirmed receiving a report of a case of allegation for workplace sexual harassment at the University of Papua New Guinea.

The report was about a senior staff harassing a female staff; followed later with a threat.

Police assures that an investigator has been designated to keep track of the case and if enough evidence is collected, the UPNG Admin will be asked to release the alleged offender for further interviews to be made.

“It is happening right at a time when we are advocating for violence against women and if we receive any report on any such incident, we will address and investigate the case so long as the evidence is provided as required,” N’Dranou said.

Annette Kora