Police will investigate alleged assassination plot against Kramer: Baki

The Royal PNG Constabulary will investigate the alleged assassination plot against vocal Madang and Opposition MP, Bryan Kramer.

Commissioner of Police, Gari Baki, said to date, no report of this alleged plot was reported to police but Kramer, like every other national leader, can be accorded police protection if the allegations are proven to be credible.

His statement follows a social media post by Kramer where he said: “I was contacted by former Chairman of Anti-corruption Task Sweep Sam Koim to inform me he had received reliable intelligence that individuals with political connections were planning to have me assassinated.

“A number of persons engaged to do it were also behind the assassination of the late Fred Konga, former head of Border Development Authority.”

Baki, in response, said: “I call upon Mr Kramer and Mr Koim to provide all information that they have on the alleged assassination attempts and we will thoroughly investigate and take action.

“The Madang MP should appreciate that intense police scrutiny and investigation can only assist to deter any such attempts.”

The Police Commissioner further criticised Kramer for posting a picture of Konga after his execution-style killing on the morning of August 24th, 2017.

“The family and friends of the victim are still deeply affected by this very brutal crime but the MP showed no remorse when he posted insensitive comments and the picture of the murdered victim on social media,” Baki said in a statement.

(Filepic: Commissioner of Police, Gari Baki)

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