Police suspect GBV in women's deaths

Port Moresby police have revealed that four homicide cases now under investigation could point towards gender-based violence (GBV).

According to the homicide unit, four women have lost their lives after allegedly suffering beatings.

Homicide says the late journalist Rosalyn Albaniel Evara’s death was one of these cases that was under investigation. This follows her post mortem on Wednesday (October 25) and burial on Friday.

The other three women, who were all identified to be in their early 30’s, were from East Sepik, Wabag and Simbu provinces respectively.

While the woman from East Sepik, who had her funeral on the 25th of Oct, was alleged to have died after being badly bashed up by her husband, the female from Wabag, who also died on the same day at Manu Auto Port, was hit on the head with an iron rod by her spouse, and died on the spot.

The victim from Simbu was found hanging in her home at Lawes Road on Saturday. Homicide says her death is suspicious and will be treated as a homicide case.

The homicide unit allege that the female could have been murdered outside of her home and later brought in and hanged; making it look like a suicide.

Four suspects in this case are in police custody while other witness statements will be gathered for the process of investigation.

In all these cases, the women had a history of being in a violent relationship with their partners or spouses.

Imelda Wavik